Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Budding Steelers Fans! No one can blame us for early brainwashing! Pap Pap will be returingfor the SUperbowl this weekend...however I have strongly encouraged them to watch it somewhere else so as not to have their colorful language permeating the household soundwaves. Kira is developing like crazy, saying new words all the time. She has recently really taken a interest in dancing. She will start to shake her bon bon as soon as toy turns on or a song she likes. I have started attending a Music Together Class with her too, and she LOVES it too!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Happy B-day Eva - 4!!

Hard to believe she's 4, but they tend to grow rapidly on us, don't they! Eva was very excited about the green cupcakes and pink ice cream. I'd like to point out she's never had pink ice cream, but she melded two of her favorite things together some months back, so we thought we would capitalize on this request for her special day. Strawberry ice cream is pink...so we went with it. We planted some primroses at her school for the party favors and humored her every request!