Saturday, August 30, 2008

Kira's Growing Up!!

It doesn't seem possible that Kira is rapidly approaching her 1 year birthday already! She has spent the last couple weeks enjoying her new found skill of crawling to the fullest. Unlike Eva, once she put it together, she was off a moving all over the place. She seems to be really tickled at being able to move herself all around to explore what she will. She lunges out of our arms to get to the floor, and also pulls herself up now on everything. Her top middle teeth finally broke through too, so she's got a grand total of 4 teeth now to gnash to her hearts content. She also imitates very well, when Eva is flaming out and yelling "NO!", Kira quickly furrows her brow and makes a sound that mimics her sister's! Our good eater is no longer....she has started being really finicky and hard to please with the food, but we keep trying!

Papa Jefe's Visit

Who knows what it is, but whenever my family visits, I never get the camera out......I got a couple this time at least!! My dad flew in for couple of nights to hang out with the girls, and maybe us too!! We hung out at the new house a bit, and went to this fun park near our house with climbing rocks and swings. Eva has gotten so used to having a special visitor now, with all of her grandparents visiting in the new house, she wonders who the next one will be daily! Lucky for her two aunts and cousins are scheduled to visit soon!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Finally Getting started!

After reading and enjoying so many of my friends blogs, I am finally taking a step and starting one for all of family and friends! Look forward to pictures and plenty of stories on the day in andout of the Simpson clan!
Notice the lovely sweaty back in this picture.....I guess it's inevitable when you are carrying a warm body on your back on a hot day! We were able to get our first hikes in since Kira was born, a real treat for both of us! It went very smoothly, especially the first day. We're seeing new places that we never used to hike as they were too "easy" for us, but easy = short, and not too much elevation gain = successful hiking venture with kids in tow! We also made it up to Timberline Lodge, and Eva loved it! We'll jump over the part were she was over-tried and volatile for the whole evening and focus on the fact that she was happy as a clam "climbing the mountain". The trails shoot straight up from the lodge, and she was vigorously tramping up, complete with exertion noises for effect! I don;t know how we missed pictures, but I guess that too is life with're so bust keeping track of them, the camera goes on the wayside!!