Thursday, March 26, 2009

New Patio

We finished up a new patio in the backyard, and as most home improvement projects, it was a little bigger than we anticipated! We knew we had a drainage problem,,,but this is ridiculous! River Simpson was around for a few days until we solved the problem. Then there was the issue of the wall that I though was to be nestled into the natural hillside, and the landscaper thought differently...obviously..we had to problem solve so it didn't look so weird. We're happy to have all completed and look forward to using it without friends and family!

"Hello" & "Whistle"

Kira's new favorite word, and Eva "whistling" in the back ground!! We are all finally coming out of our long and miserable flu bug....yes!! We have got to be done with big sickness for a while, right??!!

Eva just finished up another round of swimming and continues to do well and feel comfortable, eventually she'll swim! In another picture, EVa climbed this big rock all by herself for the first time, fun!