Sunday, August 29, 2010

Getting ready for Kindergarten

It's hard to believe that Eva could be starting Kinder in less than 2 weeks....scary!! It was quite cute, as I sent Eva out to get the mail yesterday, and low a behold....there was a surprise package for her! When she read the name on it, she was squealing with delight, "Ooh, it's for me! It's for me! What could the mailman have brought me?!" Thank you Grandma Susan and crew for making her day with the Kinder Care package. I didn't get the original (which is always the best), but the star glasses inspired her "Musical Star" song (but she is very into putting talent shows for us lately), and she took sharing and discovering all the surprises with her sister in stride...her usual. (Check out the hot do on Kira!)
We're ready whenever Baby Kaden decides it's time to come out...hard to believe we're there! Eva is thrilled about having another sibling, and Kira doesn't quite get it...but ready or not, round 3 is starting! I am sure I will start blogging again more consistently with a new addition...but who knows! (I threw a couple or airshow pictures in for good measure!)