Friday, February 20, 2009

Kira's Talking up a Storm

Kira has been talking up a storm lately, and seems to be able to do most one and two syllable words....IF she wants to! She doesn't really do it on command for us yet, but I got lucky here in this clip, she is saying "mirror"
Eva has graduated to the next level of swim lessons and is completely comfortable dunking her head over and over again, so now we set our sights on actual swimming in water skills! I am so over going to the lessons myself, but I hate to break the consistency thing for her. Here you can see the strong Simpson gene-pool effect with Pap Pap and Eva...oh those Simpsons!
The beautiful weather has brought us outside to the garden, and EVa is just as excited as me to see adn count all the "baby flowers" poking their heads up through the garden...