Monday, November 3, 2008

Happy Halloween!

It was a fun filled week at the Simpson's! Eva's school had lots of Fall festivities planned, and she got to wear her costume to school too. Trick-or-treating was fun, Eva thought it was AMAZING, after all, there was candy involved! It was a reminder of days past when she got home and poured over her pieces of candy, coveting each piece! Kira on the other hand was simply thrilled just to be walking everywhere outside to her free abandon!! I tried several times to hold her hand down sloped sidewalks, but she would have none it! We've taken to calling her Frankenstien as she walks with both hands out in front of her, quite cute! We capped the weekend with a visit from my siter's family and enjoyed the rainy weekend together! And in case anyone is wondering...Eva DID pick her own costume.