Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Busy Bee's

I am happyto report that the girls have been doing SO much better together....mommy is regaining some of her sanity! My little Kira who has always been a breeze when it comes to sleep has been putting up a little resistant on occasion. "No, not yet!" is a common phrase we're hearing from her, and a couple of odd napping days too. WHo knows?! They're always changing at this age. SHe is quite ecstatic about her new Elmo shirt, and wore it to bed last night and has had it on all day today too. Pretty soon, she is not going to fall for the, "Oh, it's dirty honey" trick. I knew I couldn't get away with two girls who had no opinion on their daily attire! She reallyloves going to preschool a couple of days a week when I go to the gym, and is very affectionate with the other kids. Family movie night was a big hit too...thanks Papa Jefe and G-ma Susan! Meeting Santa oat the Pearson Air Museum was very exciting too, and both girls loved him! No shyness to speak of! Flying a helicopter got high points too. Our fingers are crossed as we head out to Seattle for the Santa Train tomorrow...no getting sick...please!!!!

Friday, December 11, 2009


Mom, and the Moreno's braved the I5 traffic to spend Thanksgiving with us this year, a real treat! The girls had a lot of fun together and loved putting up the Christmas decor. Poor Eva had a 24 hour flu thing...par for the course, but she still managed to muster some spark to help decorate the tree...until she felt nauseous again. I fear she has gotten my weak stomach...the lady who gets food poisoning at least once a year! Eva has really come into her own, and is much more even-keel that she used to be. She uses her imagination really well and goes with the flow much more now. Just as her sister moves into the two's......................


OK, a bit tardy (December, instead of Octber) but I am doing it! Halloween was very exciting with the girls. Eva picked out her very own costume from the hundreds at the store. It was narrowed down to a princess, Darth Vader, and a witch. A girls after her daddy's heart! Kira got to wear Eva's old costume! Trick-or-Treating was pretty fun, although Eva got a belly ache almost right away (who knows what it is with er and getting sick on holidays...remember last Xmas, and this Thanksgiving too!) so she stayed in the stroller, and her sister wold bring her candy. Kira thought it was the greatest thing ever, the candy addict. She gets sweets plenty, but she is one of those who is angry and mean about it if she doesn't get it. I guess she'll eventually learn all her her drama will get her nowhere with us. Mike, Toby, and I all dressed up to...all for the immense pleasure of the girls!

Sibling Craziness

I know I am certainly not alone. Sibling strife has been around as long as we have! I remember distinctly some very aggressive altercations between me and my sister (Kirst). And we love each other today very much. That being said, my kiddos have been less than pleasant to deal with for Mike and me lately@! They have this weird dichotomy of adoring each other and insisting on being next to each other at almost all times, but it has been truing to conflict almost instantly. Since Kira's birthday, we have been trying to survive this mayhem, but finally I reached my threshold. I was angry at them all the time, they were sad and mad most of the time....this did NOT feel good, and our ideas were not helping the situation any. So what does any self-respecting teacher do? Research!! I got a hold of a whole battery of highly rated books at the library. I found a particular gem, "Love and Logic from Birth to 6 Years". Short, to the point, lots of real world stories from the parenthood trenches. And I suppose the most telling bonus, the ideas resounded with me. Week one of tweaking? Well, my house feels a WHOLE lot different! My cute little sisters actually PLAYING together with no conflict for large chunks of time?! I keep holding my breath..but it seems to be working! As Cesar Milan of Dog Whisperer likes to point out, it's usually the owners that are the issue, not the dog. Now this may not be 100% true, we have definite genes and personality at work here in our spawn, but it is interesting to think about! We all are trying the best we can, and when you're trying to feed the dog,make dinner, clean up, change diapers, and discipline all in a few moments time....well, I certainly have a breaking point. It's important to take those few deep breaths, re-center, and deal with your kids calmly and not with anger (repeat, repeat, repeat....in my head all the time of late!). And some cute pics, just cause you got to post pictures too!