Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Crazy Sisters

Yes, Kira and Eva have really been driving me crazy lately. Here, they are just sweet little peas having fun at Ace's 2nd b-day at the Pumpkin Patch. Fast forward to time at home together...well it is a different story. They do everything physical to each other. Last night, Kira found a pair of child's scissors somewhere (I know, how did she get those?! Who knows...she can climb up onto ANYTHING these days, including the kitchen counters to access the upper cupboards--oh yeah, you read it right.)They can't stand to be away from each other, but quickly get frustrated with one another, and do something physical to express that....hit,pinch, kick,pull, get the picture. I wonder in my head, "My lord...where have I gone so miserably wrong in rearing my children that they do these things?!" I think I need a book on siblings, I am feeling quite inept as a mommy right now. On a positive note, Eva did quite well after a several month break from swim lessons yesterday..picked up right where she left off! And when I finally figure out why my camera cord is not registering my camera's presence, I wil upload some new videos of the girsl too....

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Kiddo Roundup

At the end of another day with both the kiddos home..I relish the quiet around me. No one screaming their sister, no crying, no naughtiness, just peace and quiet. I feel like my life sometimes reads like an Erma Bombeck story, but really, which of us in the parent trenches can't claim the same thing? Eva got to harvest several of her garden wares today..she found stray carrot at the community garden plot (which she promptly gobbled down) and them we dug up our sparse school-project potato plant. It never really grew, but lived, so the 4 fingerlings dug out will be all hers! She thought it was very cool to dig them up, and wanted to replant them all right away...we'll try that again next year! She is my avid little gardener, totally in love with watching her plants grow and produce food!
Kira has been especially into fine motor things lately (puzzles, tinker toys, etc) and has become quite adept at her peg puzzles. She can still be pretty shy, but little snippets of coming out of her shell peak out now and then. She is putting basic sentences together now, and loves to climb and jump. Her new catch phrase is "Silly!", which was once an Eva one too! "What's Sat?" is another phrase used alot with books and out and about. She is getting big so fast.