Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Mama's New Do

Totally sick of my mop of hair and ready for a drastic change, I went in for change!! I was hoping to have enough hair to donate to Lock of Love, but I was just over an inch short of the necessary 10 inches to donate, bummer! I told my stylist that I had only two major priorities: I needed to be able to style it in less than five minutes, and I needed to be able to get my hair out of eyes. And away she went! I totally enjoyed watching the mound of hair accumulate. I love the change, the first major change in more years than I can remember! Eva didn't seem to notice, and Kira smiled at me and immediately grabbed my hair......who knows!?

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Kira "Walking"/Eva vacuuming

Eva has decided that she really enjoys this small vacuum we use on the hardwoods. One day, she had infiltrated the refrigerator once again (while I was out of the room) and had spilled stuff allover the floor. Of course being the saavy mom that I am, the punishment fit the crime and she had clean up her own mess off the floor. Little did I know, it wasn't a punishment at all, but a real treat for her. This morning she asked for the "yellow baby vacuume" and started away, lucky me!! She ended by saying, "Yep, I a helper mommy!"
Kira has really taken to the walking practice. She loves to practice while we are holding her hands, and then we tried the scoot scoot assited walk. Here's a clip:

Today we're starting swim lessons again with Eva and my intention is not to stop until we have her swimming...we'll she what happens!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Mooing Kira/Dancing Eva

This was too much not share! We were having our pre-bed playtime, and in the first short clip, Kira is imitating a toy she is playing with, a cow mooing. In the 2nd, Eva was getting her groove on to "I Know a Chicken" by Laurie Berkner when she busted out in this voice...funny! Quite entertaining for me!
Click to play Practice
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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Nightly Romp Session

Every night after dinner, at least until the daylight continues for us, Eva wants to head outside for some good-old-fashioned romping!! Sometimes it happens indoors, but regardless, it happens. She seems to need the physical energy outlet (as if she has none throughout the day!), and especially wants to be with her Daddy. My guess is that it is mostly the ladder. You know how it is, Mommy plays one way, daddy another. Of course Kira joins in on the fun now too, and we are learning that she is a reall thirll seeker. She seems to LOVE going fast, steep..whatever. Things I would have thought would make her timid make her squeal with glee...I guess we have another adreniline junky on our hands. I wonder where she gets it??!!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Weekend Fun

We got to see our friends Marco and Jen for a bit while romping around the Carney's house. Eva was busy being mother hen to the 3 babes, in the ost physical way possible of course! Kira has started with some pretty hysterical scowls that she dons out when she is unfamiliar with someone. We tried to get a video of it...but by then she thought Jen was OK! Sunday saw us at our friend Kristin's party for some romping around in the sunshine. Eva discovered one of the many motorized toys right off the bat and was on it for at least an hour or more, mostly content to being chauffered around. When she finally DID get behind the wheel, even with all the room, she managed to nearly run into a couple of cars. Totally obessed.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Kira Crawling

Although not completely new news to most on our family, since I finally figured out a way to post video clips, I thought I would take a short little clip of her crawling! Enjoy!

Eva's First Gymnastics Class

After trying not so successfully last year at a gymnastics class, we are giving it a go again, this time organized through her preschool. Over the 4th of July, we watched the local parade, and when the gymnastics troupes twirled, flipped, and walked by on their hands, she was drawn out into the road, attempting to mimic all those cool moves she was witnessing. She had all the people around us rolling with laughter.
Although slightly better equipped (after all, no power-struggles with Mommy are necessary this time), Eva still has the hardest time amongst the group paying attention for long periods of time. She loves the moving part, but sitting patiently for long periods of talking and directions....not so much! Of course anyone who knows her already knows this about her!! I figure it is good that she get as many opportunities to practice, as school is not too far off and a lot of that will be expected of her! I often say that it is very good that she has an amazing memory, as that helps counter her inability to sit and process for long periods of time!
She did great today, and I am sure will continue to be successful as the activity increases and the talking decreases!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Daddy Daughter Day

After seeing a picture of Eva on their last daddy/daughter day a year ago, Mike knew he was overdue for another special day with his girl! He opted for the zoo, and when telling Eva about it many days in advance, he mentioned that they could also get ice cream while they were out too. Not surprisingly, Eva talked non-stop about the day the rest of the week...but it was always with ice cream at the forefront. We knew genes were powerful, but I guess we have another food lover in our midst! The day was a success, both Eva and Mike had a ball, and they were finally able to go on the train ride (which we have trying to do for a couple of years now!)